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Large well furnace with controlled atmosphere [XK product]




      [XK product] is the achievement of the team of the co science and technology team to summarize a variety of excellent furnace types and application experience. It conforms to the technical requirements of economy, adaptability and energy conservation and environmental protection. The control system is composed of PC, high intelligent automation instrument and PLC program control.




      It has reasonable structure, simple operation, controllable atmosphere, uniform furnace temperature, even carbon potential, large furnace loading, wide range of adaptability, and can be equipped with quenching oil tank, water tank, tempering furnace, cleaning machine and other equipment to form production line.




      It is suitable for the heat treatment processes of gas carburizing, ammonium carbide co osmosis, quenching, normalizing, annealing and tempering in the protective atmosphere of steel, mine, petrochemical, engineering machinery, wind power and other industries.


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