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Large well furnace with controlled atmosphere [HKJ product]


Quenching oil tank:


      The tank body is designed into square type and round type. The upper part is equipped with electric tank cover, oil drainage channel, oil mixing device, etc. the oil surface is also equipped with sputum gas fire extinguishing device. The oil temperature is controllable, and the heating and cooling system is set to ensure the normal operation of the quenching oil tank.



Specification, model and main parameters:


Moden Job size working temperature heating power Maximum loading capacity
XKJ-100/150 ∮1000X1500mm 200-950℃ 120kw 2000kg
XKJ-150/250 ∮1500X2500mm 200-950℃ 240kw 8000kg
XKJ-200/250 ∮2000X2500mm 200-950℃ 400kw 15000kg
XKJ-250/200 ∮2500X2000mm 200-950℃ 440kw 20000kg
XKJ-3000/200 ∮3000X2000mm 200-950℃ 600kw 25000kg
If there are special requirements, non-standard can be made
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